What our customers say

About Smartsuns products
Happy customer

It has become much easier to enjoy the sun with Smartsun’s UV wristband. I can relax and keep an eye on when the kids need more sunscreen or when we need to get into the shade. It feels safe!

Tour guide

I always buy a package of UV stickers with me when I travel abroad to a sunny country. Since I started with that I have not got burned by the sun once. It was hard to know when I get too much sun before it’s too late before.

Father of three

I’m very pleased with the products from Smartsun! They were delivered quickly and were easy to use. The children thought they were fun to use and could keep track of when the color was changed from yellow to pink.


I got tips on Smartsun by a friend before I went to Spain last year. I have always had easy to burn so I was a little worried about the strong sun. With the stickers I could keep track of how much radiation I received and I managed to keep myself from burning.

Road worker

I work outdoors all summer and usually get sunburned. This summer I started using UV stickers and it became easier to notice how strong the sun was. Some days it changed color already after half an hour!