Easy to use UV Indicators in the form of bracelets and stickers. Developed with dermatologists the indicators change color when you need to use more sunscreen or when you’ve been exposed to, to much sun.

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About Smartsun

Smartsun is a Swedish brand and all our products are manufactured and quality assured in Sweden. Our primary goal is to provide products that help people to sunbathe safely. We also want to spread information about the importance of protection against harmful UV radiation.

Our Products

Our products are developed with dermatologists and are manufactured under carefully controlled forms of researchers in Sweden. The specially developed material changes color from yellow to pink when it is time to use more sunscreen or seek shelter from the sun.

About UV Radiation

The sun provides light, heat and ultraviolet radiation (UV radiation). The radiation can lead to permanent skin damage and incurable skin diseases. How long you can stay in the sun without risk of damage depends on your skin type and what time of day it is.

Prevent Sun Damage

Everyone wants to spend a day in the sun without burning. While moderate amounts of sunlight helps the body produce several necessary vitamins, which are important to our health, to much exposure can cause severe burns, and in some cases cancer.

Smartsun uv indicators make it easy to know when you need to reapply, or head indoors to avoid a sunburn. Simply put on the bracelet or sticker, apply sunscreen, and monitor the color changes.