SmartSun UV Stickers

Prevent sun damage with Smartsun UV stickers

Smartsun’s UV sticker is an ultra thin UV indicator that shows through color change when more sunscreen is needed or when the sun is to be avoided for the rest of the day. An easy way to prevent sun damage for both young and old!

Prevent sun damage with our UV sticker
Smartsun UV stickers are for anyone who enjoys sunlight and the outdoors! Since 50% of adults don’t know how much sunscreen to apply, Smartsun UV stickers make it easier for you to know when it’s time to reapply, and call it a day.

uv beach protection
Smartsun UV products are EU Health tested and manufactured in Sweden.
uv beach protection


The stickers are easy to use!
  • Start by simply placing the sticker anywhere on the skin that is exposed to sunlight, preferably your neck, arms, or shoulders.
  • Then cover yourself with sunscreen as you normally would. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on the sticker too.
    Next, enjoy your day! The Smartsun UV sticker will track your exposer to UVA and UVB rays, throughout the day. Once the sticker changes to orange it’s a reminder to reapply your sunscreen. If it changes to pink you need to head indoors, and stay out of the sun’s rays.
  • To dispose of the SmartSun UV Sticker, gently peel it off and toss it in the plastics recycling bin.
  • You can swim, hike, run, and play outdoors as usual. The UV sticker is water resistant, using skin safe adhesive, and will stay with you while swimming.

Smartsun UV stickers are not only EU Health and safety regulation tested, but also Mom approved!

Designed and manufactured in Sweden.

How Our UV Stickers Work

Smartsun’s UV indicator changes color when it’s time to avoid the sun. Just attach the sticker to the body, apply sunscreen, and go.