About Smartsun

Frequently Asked Questions



Is there evidence that this really works?

Yes, we have clinical, technical, and toxicological testing which shows that the products work well. Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), Nordic Biopharma and Dermatest in Australia are among the institutions have approved the validity and safety of our products. Additionally, we’ve successfully went through the analysis process of leading retailers, pharmacies and a multinational personal care brand.

How do the products work?

Smartsun is a UV dosimeter that measures the total exposure of UVA and UVB radiation during the day. This is seen through a color change, which turns orange when you need to reapply, and pink for when you should go inside. The products change color through a chemical reaction that is regulated by UV radiation; the more intense UV radiation, the faster the chemical reaction will go and the product will change color.

Are the products waterproof?

Yes, the sticker and wristbands are water in salt, fresh, and chlorinated water.

Are the products recyclable?

Our packaging is made from paper and can be paper recycled. The UV sticker and wristband are made from recyclable plastics and can be recycled.

Can I use different kinds of SPF on the product?

Yes. Keep in mind that the stronger the SPF in the sunscreen is, the longer it will take for the indicators to change color.

What is the shelf life of this product?

Two years. (Indicators must be kept out of sunlight until use.)

I have seen similar products from other manufacturers, what's the difference with these?

Majority of “UV Indicators” only show the amount of direct UV radiation at that moment. Therefore, the color changes back to the original shade. These indicators do not account for the accumulated UV exposure for the day.

Smartsun UV Indicators measure the cumulative radiation, tells you when to reapply sunscreen, and when to go inside to prevent burning. The indicators measure both UVA and UVB radiation, and does not reverse it’s color. Also, Smartsun is specially designed for those with sensitive skin, particularly children.

Where are the products made?

All our products are made and quality assured in Sweden. The facility we use is ISO certified.

Will the product give an incorrect result if it's in the shade or you put sunscreen only on it?

Yes. If your body is in the sun, but the wristband is in the shade the reading will not be as accurate. It’s important to remember is that the product is an indicator that helps you monitor your UV radiation. The product is a complement to clothes, sunscreen, etc.

Can I use the products all around the world?

Absolutely! Keep in mind the stronger the sun, the faster the color of the product will change.

Should I apply sunscreen to the product again if I reapply?

Yes, if you reapply your sunscreen, you should put more on the UV indicator.

Can I use the same product for several days?

No, the products are single use. After a day, the product should be disposed of in the plastics recycling bin, even if it has not changed color.

Does the color return to yellow when I use more sunscreen?

No, the products measure the total radiation you’re exposed to during the day. Therefore, like UV exposure on your skin, the color change will not reverse. When sunscreen is applied to the indicator the color change pauses until the sunscreen dissipates.

Which skin types are the products designed for?

according to the Fitzpatrick scale there are six skin types. Smartsun products are specially designed for skin types 1 and 2. For more information on specific skin types, see “UV radiation”. We recommend that you contact your local dermatologist for more detailed information on different skin types.